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What does it mean to work for Preca Brummel?

Working at Preca Brummel means the opportunity to work in a dynamic and creative company that believes in the value of people and believes that employees are the key to its success.

Why choose Preca Brummel?

Because the children's wear industry is always growing and expanding on our national territory and is increasing in foreign countries. Because we are a young company with a modern organizational structure, quick in decisions making and that believes in training and promoting the welfare and safety of its employees.

What is our Vision?

To be a new business model, a global market leader in children's clothing and at the helm of the largest company network in the industry.

What are the company's values?

Our values ​​are an integral part of our culture, they represent our employees and what we look for in our partners:

  1. INTEGRITY: act by always thinking about the good of the company
  2. RESPECT FOR OTHERS: treat everyone as individuals acting in respect of differences
  3. TEAMWORK: we encourage the sharing of objectives, information and strategies, and we participate in the achievement of targets and achievements
  4. CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: we promote innovation through discussion and exchange of ideas
  5. EFFICIENCY ORIENTED: we believe it is a continuous search that helps us improve all of our work processes
  6. CUSTOMER ORIENTED: we listen to the customer by anticipating its wishes through a constant effort to improve the quality of our products and the service we offer

If you recognize yourself in these values ​​send us your unsolicited application. Even if there are no open positions your CV will be entered and stored in our database and we will contact you if an opportunity that is right for you becomes available.