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The social commitment.

Mothers and children are always in the heart of Preca Brummel. The group works closely with national and international humanitarian organizations supporting children and the environment to give children around the world a better future. Preca also dedicates many of its projects to mothers to help them achieve their dreams and accompany them in the wonderful journey of motherhood. Because Preca Brummel knows that happy moms mean happy kids.



fondazione rava

Preca Brummel continuously cooperates with the Francesca Rava Foundation, the Italian representative of the NPH international humanitarian organization that, for years, has been committed to helpingĀ children in difficult conditions through sponsorships, targeted projects and volunteer activities to raise awareness on children's rights.

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Mamme fanno impresa

Mamme Fanno Impresa is a program with affiliation conditions and advantageous support activities addressed to mothers who want to rise to the challenge and open a Brums or Bimbus store.
Because it is possible to be happy moms and successful entrepreneurs.

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Un fiocco in azienda

Preca Brummel adheres to the "un Fiocco in Azienda" program, an initiative of the Women Manager Group of ManagerItalia of Milan that helps companies and employees experience motherhood peacefully and help mothers return to work.

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Thinks natural

With Preca Thinks Natural the company helps protect the environment through the recycling and recovery of packaging materials. Various suppliers of Preca also participate in this initiative and use a pre-defined type of packaging that can be used repeatedly.