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A long path to quality

Preca Brummel was born in 1951 from the initiative of Giovanni Prevosti.
Since then, much has been made, but the company still maintains a strong family imprint, so that the family Prevosti, came now to the third gene-ration, still leads the group firmly: this parental unit is a key feature to explain the success of Preca Brummel, originally founded as a small textile factory and transformed over the years into the Italian leader of children's wear, thanks to important brands, such as Brums, Bimbus and Mek.



To be a new benchmark Company, leader in the global market of childrenswear, heading the biggest business network in this segment.

The production cycle

This is the way 1.700 styles are realized every season, leading to a total production of 8 millions garments a year.

In order to create each collection, Preca Brummel organizes an articulated production cycle lasting a whole year. During the creative phase, mood and colours are decided considering the fashion trends, designers team ideas, trade guide and brands image.

Qualified modellers transform the designers’ sketches into paper-patterns to create the first sampled garment.

Through its departments placed all around the world, Preca Brummel can guarantee the highest safety standard for its garments in compliance with international laws: thanks to this international network the Company strictly manages the relationship with its very qualified professionals suppliers. By a constant control during the whole production cycle and a big attention on details, the collections stand out with a very precious look that meet children’s wishes and mothers' needs.

The “Preca Brummel method” can count on a multiple distribution strategy based on several international and national channels which coexist in synergy. Advanced IT and Logistic systems allow the Company to coordinate all these channels. The Franchising formula can be considered as one of the strengths of the Company, that permits a wide spread coverage and development of the brands through the whole territory.

The customer service department knows every part of the production cycle and relates with all customers, providing constant assistance.

The successful philosophy of Preca Brummel grants to achieve important results balancing them with a very professional ethic during every phase of the production chain.

The production cycle

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