A widespread, solid and multi-channel distribution.

For Preca Brummel, each distribution channel is a strategic opportunity to be safeguarded.




Over the years Preca Brummel has developed a tried and tested franchising development formula that has led to the widespread distribution in Italy with an increasing number of selling points that are continuously opening and constantly increasing. The success is due as much as to the quality of the product, as to the rigorous selection and evaluation process and the training of new affiliates.

Opening a franchise store is preceded by an analysis of catchment areas and location as well as feasibility studies. Technical support is also provided for the design, production and installation of furnishings and support is provided for all implementation and supply of dedicated hardware and software.

Training courses are also provided in order to enhance entrepreneurial skills and improve sales activities, while merchandiser experts that deal with the assortment most suitable to the specific needs of each store develop the order proposals. In terms of communication, PoP material is provided for the preparation of the shop and shop windows, and a "Visual Merchandising Book" is periodically provided. This is to be consulted during the preparation of the store. The constant supply of marketing is essential to bring traffic to retail outlets in the network.

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Corners within large Department Store are a great opportunity for visibility and business.

In recent years, the Preca Brummel distribution strategy has included the opening of corner stores of all brands within large Department Stores in Italy such as Conbipel, Coin, Sorelle Ramonda and Toys Center.

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Preca Brummel and its brands are present in more than 2,000 multi-brand stores that believe in the completeness of the group's offer and its quality.

These partners enable the company to provide a comprehensive coverage offered in Italy and in other countries.

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In 2013 Preca Brummel launched the "Authorized Retailers" project.

The initiative is aimed at multi-brand stores that, by virtue of a well-established relationship with the company, decide to become exclusive retailers of the Preca Brummel brands. The title of Authorized Retailer is awarded based on commercial and strategic parameters and provides unique benefits to the selected partner.

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Preca Brummel has been operating successfully on on-line sales channels since 2010 .

An official store, strategic partnerships for on-line distribution and investments in digital communication channels have permitted the company to achieve profitability in website sale channels and strategic on-line visibility.

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Outlet represent an important phenomenon with an high impact.

For this reason Preca Brummel has invested also in this field opening Brums and Mek outlet which are displaced along the strategic points and designed in order to guarantee wide and affordable proposal.


Preca brummel stores

Preca Brummel manages not only franchising stores: it owns some Brums, Bimbus and Maxi Brums stores which runs directly.