Gorjuss - splat
Santoro’s Gorjuss: simple style and images kindle powerful emotions.

Since its launch back in 2010, the Santoro Gorjuss collection has captivated 55 countries around the world and prominent department stores with over 3,000 items in the stationery and general apparel sectors. Now it’s necessary to explore and succeed in Children’s wear.

This collaboration is a romantic meeting between an adorable little girl and a company, Preca Brummel, that has found its raison d’être in the world of childrenswear, As from Spring/Summer 2016 Preca Brummel will be producing, manufacturing and distributing this new collection which is designed exclusively for girls and features a line for newborns (1 to 18 months) and another for 2 to 16 year olds.

Gorjuss is an adorable, romantic little girl who, although she is drawn without a mouth or nose, conveys a strong and important message: there are no physical or any other types of obstacles or barriers that can stop us from communicating

The collection has a more elegant, premium line and a sporty range for everyday, energetic wear. It is designed around a simple, clean-cut style that is embellished with refined details and subtle colours. The endearing, evocative images of Gorjuss, who is always whimsically portrayed in chic little dresses and stripey socks, perfectly embody the key values of childhood, love, innocence and a desire to dream and kindle powerful emotions in the hearts of children and adults alike.