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Brums is one of the most famous and popular brands in the children's wear sector, as well as the pride of Preca Brummel production in Italy and abroad.

A brand that, since 1955 up to the present, has gained a position of absolute leadership and confirmed itself as an influential interlocutor for all those mothers looking for an elegant style to dress up their children.

Over the years the Brums production focused itself on a high level target, 0-10 years old, with a wide variety of collections and garments, suitable for all occasions. Modern and cutting edge proposals, never to give up to that kind of convenience and comfort every child needs.

Elegance and sophistication, in the foreground but also, and above all, freedom of expression, freedom of fun, freedom of movement. The Brums garments are the ideal choice for a spontaneous and lively fashion, able to combine the perfect “grown-up” appearance with modern details and accessories of absolute worth.

Many collections, models, colors and combinations - all inspired by the most popular fashion trends of the moment - for a look that can be perfect for all occasions: from the school daily with the right quality-money ratio, to the last fashion trends till the most important and formal occasions.

Jbe - splat
Jbe. Essere junior, essere grande.

Jbe, born in 2011, is the coolest section in Brums collection, designed to meet the teenagers’ needs and tastes. In a short time Jbe has consolidated its identity and stands now as a reference point for those people who look for fashionable, modern and appealing solutions.

The collections refer to the adults’ fashion world and stand out for their trendy, refined and comfortable look. The proposal is dedicated to boys and girls 10-16 years old: they are very determined, sophisticathed and open-minded and they consider fashion as an essential way to research and express their personalities.

Jbe style reflects their wish of growing and feeling at ease in every situation.



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