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Bimbus is one of the 3 brands that makes up the offer of Preca Brummel in the children's wear sector: a cheerful, colorful and lively brand, designed specifically for 0-14 years old children, who want to express themselves in total freedom.

Bimbus is cheerfulness, brightness, fun.
A colorful world that conquers everybody thanks to the quality of the proposals and to the exclusive suggestions in matter of fashion.

The collections are designed according to the needs both of children (0-14 years old), who are always on the move and of mothers who seek a modern, yet practical and versatile style that can be easily matched.

The Bimbus garments stand out for originality and attention to details and are ideal to be worn in many different situations: at home, at school, at the park with your friends or even for special occasions.



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  • 3 Dicembre 2012

    Bimbus fidelity card 2012/2013: una card che è tutto un programma!

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  • 28 Novembre 2012

    A Natale regalagli il pigiamino dei suoi sogni!

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  • 23 Novembre 2012

    C’è un regalo speciale che ti aspetta: un Fotolibro 15x20

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  • 19 Novembre 2012

    Una sorpresa per te! Se acquisti tre capi, il meno caro lo paghi soltanto 1 euro

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  • 15 Novembre 2012

    Scopri i morbidi nuovi arrivi inverno Bimbus

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  • 31 Ottobre 2012

    E’ arrivata la collezione speciale “Bimbus ♥ Hello Kitty”!

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  • 28 Ottobre 2012

    Halloween da URLO!

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  • 17 Ottobre 2012

    Arriva il freddo, arrivano i piumini a prezzo speciale Bimbus!

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