Become partner

A solid company, established and effective network of partners, leading brands in the children's wear industry: these are the reasons why becoming a partner of Preca Brummel is a winning choice.

Franchising, distribution, corner stores: different ways in which you can establish a partnership with Preca Brummel.

  • Affiliazione

    Become affiliates.

    Starting up a franchise with Preca Brummel is a strong opportunity to start your own business and to give life to a business in a sector that has high potential. Moreover, Preca Brummel offers mothers who want to become entrepreneurs the Mamme Fanno Impresa project with exclusive benefits designed for women with children who wish to open an affiliated store.

    Become a franchisee
  • Become a Retailer

    Become a Retailer.

    Brums, Bimbus, Mek and MCS are four prestigious brands in any children's clothing store. Advantageous sales formulas and communication materials complement the strategic reasons for becoming retailers of the Preca Brummel collections.

    Become a Retailer
  • Punti vendita

    Corner stores and Large-scale distribution.

    Corner stores within large Department Stores offer great visibility and sales opportunities.  Large-scale Preca Brummel is looking for new Department Store and Large-scale distribution partners for new distribution agreements.

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